The Christmas pirates   (Les Pirates   de Noël)
Benoit di Sabatino's   cartoon (26') 1996
on a Didier Lejeune and Benoit di Sabatino‘s original screenplay
Production : Antefilms, France 3, Canal J, Neurones, INA
Musical publisher : Universal Music Publishing 
Distribution broadcast : Moonscoop, TV France International
(symphonic orchestra )

What a strange idea has just crossed the Captain Furibarre's mind a few days before Christmas! Terrible pirate dreaded on all the seas of the globe, only master aboard his galleon Vagalam, Furibarre has just decided to offer the most beautiful gifts to his young son Drisse. A gift worthy of his rank, exceptional, extravagant: he will offer ... Santa Claus! From the careless Caribbean to the ice of the Far North, Captain Furibarre takes us on a long trip full of pitfalls and storms. In the middle of the raging elements, on the edge of the pack ice, nothing stops the Vagalam which traces its route to the country of Santa Claus ... Drisse, a 6-year-old boy, suffers from an ancestry that's difficult to bear. His father, the terror of the oceans, is at the head of a band of cripples on the famous Vagalam, a ship whose one of the peculiarities is to own skis that allow it to slide on the ice floe. Drisse is bored to death in his future pirate leader's planned destiny, but Father Christmas is not far ... A wonderful adventure where we find again the Waiting for Christmas (En attendant Noël) characters.

It is still Benoit di Sabatino who entrusts me for the music of one of his films. Since In the picture (Au Cœur des Toiles), we understand each others without words. It was another big very technical work (motion picture soundtrack, cartoon song). It's also one of animation 2D onto 3D integration first tries in which Antefilms is a specialist. The cartoon has been worldwide multi diffused. It's also bought by Fox TV which appreciates particularly the music and is going to worry an US version The Christmas pirates. Nicolas Atlan (Splash Entertainment, Kabilion, Moonscoop) began his career with us on this project.

   The Christmas pirates (symphonic suite)  24'10"      
    1. Le port de l'angoisse    
   2. L'univers des pirates I    
   3. La banquise    
   4. Drisse joue    
   5. L'abordage    
   6. Les lutins et le Père Noël    
   7. La tristesse de Drisse    
   8. Surprises    
   9. États d'âmes    
   10. L'oiseau paparazzi    
   11. L'univers des pirates II    
   12. Course poursuite    
   13. Le cadeau de Drisse    
   14. La chanson du Père Noël (François SERVENIÈRE's lyrics)    
   15. Drisse et son père    
   16. L'envol du Vagalam    
   17. La chanson du Pere Noël (orchestra)    
   18. Générique fin    
   19. Drisse adulte    

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