Labéo Music / De Wolfe Music
( musical publishing ) 1987

I meet Francois Carteau (Labeo Music CEO, french Canal+ network musical publisher) in October 1987, further to my spontaneous letter. He gives a leg up to me in the audiovisual business. Within one year, and thanks to the music catalog of illustration de Wolfe Music (UK, USA), he teaches me the professional main bases and allows me to work on my first commercial as composer-arranger, Les Pousses, realized by Claude Meunier / ordered by agence Australie for the Credit Local de France. I discover then this english music library which I have the load of distribution in France. Since, I didn't stop to listen it. He teaches me the London musicians extreme professionalism which makes their world reputation in the motion picture soundtrack recording. I have the occasion today to appreciate.

The Studios d'Aguesseau, destroyed today in the Boulogne-Billancourt restructuring (france 92), were a strategic and famous place as french cinema city... And it is not doubtless accidentally if I landed there rather than somewhere else. I met Gilbert Courtois which found here the BELL-X foley studio. I cross too Gabriel Yared who is working on the original soundtrack of 37°2 Le matin. And Benoit Schlosberg that I'll find 10 years later in the "Pleiade" group (Yad Music). It was a hot place.


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