You can find the entire version of this page on the composer's Presentation booklet here downloadable in pdf format.

Michel MERLET, composer, Rome Price, teacher in Conservatoire de Paris, CNSMDP, and in Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris :
" ... you are a composer ... "  " ... nobody writes more like you ... "

Robert SINGER, Stonebridge Entertainement producer, New-York :
" ... thank you for letting me hear your delightful musical ideas for Heidi ... "

Gabriel YARED, composer, music Oscar for The English Patient about his musics :
" ... a very original music supported by a big sense of architecture, harmony and counterpoint ... it has been a very long time since I heard things which have given me hope for music ... "

Vladimir COSMA, composer, director, violonist :
" ... I propose you my help ... "

Francois-Rene DUCHABLE, virtuoso pianist, soloist of the biggest orchestras around the world, pointed out by A. RUBINSTEIN and H.V. KARAJAN about his opus Rhythmics & Repetitives for two pianos, very big virtuosity works which he performed and created in duo with Helene BERGER 3 of 24 studies :
" ... in fifty years, it won't present any difficulties for pianists ... "

Hugues REINER, director of the European Philharmonic Orchestra, director of the Choeurs Resilience and many other choirs and orchestras, applaud him for a long time following the recording of his Pavane pour un songe. In June 2012 he confirmed his commitment to this work with his laudatory comment :
" I am really impressed by this music. Fabulous ! "

TETSU & MASAKI, japanese piano duo which performed 16 of 24 studies for two pianos from Rhythmics & Repetitives :
" ... these works make good imagination for us ... and we hope that many people will to know and to play Rhythmics and Repetitives ... "

Jose Eduardo MARTINS, brazilian virtuoso pianist, Marguerite LONG's, Jean DOYEN's, Jacques FEVRIER's, Louis SAGUER's student, tenured professor of the University of Sao Paulo, honorary member of Academia Brasileira De Musica :
" ... I very much liked your work Seasons Vertigo, where a competence of writing is obvious. On the other hand several segments of the work are manifold and very rich about the sound and instrumental point. Really I congratulate you ... with your sensitive musician's qualities and a huge talent owner, you have this very rare quality of the one who thinks about art and steps towards the humanism, so erased in actuality ... you who wrote a superb work with Rhythmics and Repetitives, but at some point made cogitation to walk in a language which speaks to the heart, the only organ which keeps the mankind's feelings ... ", " ... I understand Pavane pour un Songe like a magic piece, rare in the creation of a composer. A remarkable work full of light intensity !!! ", " ... Finally, I confess that the Francois Serveniere's Cosmic Studies will have to remain in the pantheon of the great studies for piano. Virtuosity is a detail because the Cosmic Studies reveal an incredible Serveniere's talent, a true thinker besides, and the tradition of writing for this genre is maintained, but reveal the love for jazz, the ultramarine rhythms, the unheard-of taste for the proportion, the form and the conduct of the segments. I love perform the Cosmic Studies ... "

Jean-Claude CASADESUS, director of Orchestre National de Lille, France :
" ... your professional way is exemplary and I congratulate you to have known, in front of a generation of big incomprehension , how to lead your compositor's mission, without ever abandoning either your style or your wish in writing ... "

Idalete GIGA, Professor and conductor of the "Capela Gregoriana Laus Deo" (Lisbon, female choir), performing a wide repertoire of Gregorian works according to the principles of the old and authentic "Ecole de Solesmes" :
" ... His music is, without doubt, a very high quality ones. I say that without any fear, because I felt that Bach was present in the little I listened. There is no doubt that Serveniere is one of those are rarely found on the planet. What boundless generosity! ... "

Francois WEIGEL, virtuoso pianist, composer, conducter, Yvonne LORIOT-MESSIAEN's student... actor in the Volker SCHLONDORFF's film Un amour de Swann with Jeremy IRONS, about his Pavane pour un songe :
" Wonderful !"

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