In the Picture (Au coeur des toiles  I )
Benoit di Sabatino's   broadcast serie (19 x 2'30") 1994
Production : Antefilms, France 3, INA
Musical publisher : Universal Music Publishing 
Distribution broadcast : Moonscoop, TV France International
(several musical formations)

From a Benoit, Christophe di Sabatino and Daniel Delamare's original idea (Antefilms Production & Daniel Delamare's Galery) and Benoit di Sabatino, Philippe Zenatti, Eric Taraud, Nicolas Cuche, Philippe Loffredo and Sabine Amar's original screenplays. The six other musical compositions were entrusted to Jerome Badini. This serie wouldn't have been objectively able to be born without the previous people' synergy, of Reunion of the National Museums, the french INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel) and the Production unit Mireille Chalvon - France 3 Jeunesse. Timeless masterpiece of the French television, the series was multicasted worldwide and many times imitated ... For young and old !

The main thing of the serie is to walk with a video camera in some famous pictures and to animate the scene by imagining the characters' dialogue. Dived into the masterpiece intimacy, this creative and funny approach aims to introduce the children into the world of art. This first serie obtained the 1994' screenplay Grand Prix from the UNESCO International Festival of Art and Educational Film (FIFAP) and got a flattering press. The music has been composed with the help of original screenplays. It contributed in a very active way to the paintings animation, joined to the voices and to the sound effects. The music treatment had for objective to integrate technical and artistic referents relative to the historical periods (harmony, counterpoint, fugue, orchestration, interpretation, rhythm and diapason). Respecting the historic and dramatic contents of every painting, the musical counterpoint is an original picture soundtrack.

Thanks to Christophe and Benoit di Sabatino who entrusted him this challenge, Francois Serveniere realized there one of the important work of his young career. The principle isn't without reminding Modest Moussorgski's previous work orchestrated splendidly by Maurice Ravel, Pictures at an Exhibition .

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All the works were symphonic adapted to invite them in the catalogue of concert works. They could, individually be used as complement to any concert of classical music. Thanks to the variety of subjects and musical atmospheres, they 'll insure an event or a recital complete program.

 0.  Generique Au Coeur des Toiles   0 '15 "
 1.  La Liberte guidant le peuple from the Delacroix's masterpeace1830) 2 '00 "
 2.  Port de mer au soleil couchant from the Claude Gellee, dit Le Lorrain's masterpiece (1639) 2 '26 "
 3.  Les coquelicots, Argenteuil from the Claude Monet's masterpiece (1873) 2 '08 "
 4.  L'atelier du peintre from the Gustave Courbet's masterpiece (1855) 2 '14 "
 5.  L'adoration des Mages from the Pierre Paul Rubens' masterpiece (1640) 2 '07 "
 6.  Les roulottes, campement de bohemiens from the Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece (1855) 2 '21 "
 7.  Les joueurs de cartes from the Paul Cezanne's masterpiece (1895) 2 '08 "
 8.  Tournebride en foret de Saint-Germain from the Ernest Meissonier's masterpiece (1860) 2 '08 "
 9.  L'ete from the Pierre Puvis de Chavanne's masterpiece (1873) 2 '20 "
10.  La danse au Moulin-Rouge from the Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's masterpiece (1895) 2 '06 "
11.  La Lutte bretonne from the Paul Serusier's masterpiece (1891) 2 '05 "
12.  Dejeuner sur l'herbe from the Edouard Manet's masterpiece (1863) 2 '10 "
13.  Les glaneuses from the Jean-Francois Millet's masterpiece (1840) 2 '16 "
14.  Le tricheur from the Georges de La Tour's masterpiece (1635) 2 '06 "
15.  La bataille d'Issus from the Jan Brueghel de Velours' masterpiece (1602) 2 '30 "
16.  La diseuse de Bonne Aventure from the Le Caravage's masterpiece (1597) 2 '05 "
17.  Le Sacre de Napoleon 1er (adapt. J.F. Lesueur) from the Jacques-Louis David 's masterpiece (1807) 2 '03 "
18.  Le radeau de la Meduse from the Gericault's masterpiece (19e) 2 '10 "
19.  Les Noces de Cana from the Paolo Veronese's masterpiece (1563) 2 '10 "