Grolles (Shoes)
Bertrand de Croisilles' short film  1996
Stephane Champmartin and Bertrand de Croisilles' original screenplay
(various nomenclatures)

"A man who meets a woman, in the street, then dreams about her in the subway ...and get drunk for a night, is nothing very exceptional. Even if the day ends with an accident. But when everything takes place level with the ground, when the space is reduced to the pavement, to the concrete or to the hotel room carpet, when our world vision is not any more confined at our eyes view, when we see only people's feet, we discover a new set, a new way of approaching things, a universe suddenly different from the one that we see of usually". Told by the authors, this film without dialogue, without faces, with a very restricted point of view, plunges us into the true magic of the cinema. Show nothing, only suggest and evoke !

Bertrand de Croisilles signed there a small masterpiece of poetry punctuated with unforgettable moments: the feet ballet on the dreamed night bed. A scene which has often been copied afterward. In 2002, the short is bought by TPS network and selected in competition with Derapages into the Festival of Short film of Vebron (Lozere, France), where it obtains the Price of the Best Professional Fiction. In 2003, the film selected for Tokyo Video Festival organized by JVC obtains the 6th place.

 1. Dans la rue 2'02"
 2. Le reve 1'34"
 3. Barock 1'
 4. Quincampoix 1'02"
 5. L'accident 1'16"
 6. Generique fin 1'