Pavane pour un songe
(au coeur de l'Afrique)
(solo cello & symphonic orchestra) 1998

I began to write this work the day after a John Meldrum's home party with Rene Gely. We had a rough discussion about peoples defects and merits, specially frenchies and americans, while we were all world citizens convinced... John and Isabelle told me how their year in Africa, at the origin of John's brilliant CD with Zongo Ambassadors Ayijah had opened their eyes on life. I drank their words and memories as I needed a preview with this country which so much makes me dream. I had a brain flash. Coming back home, composition was finished in the week. It belongs to their three memories dedicated to this unforgettable evening. Thanks to US diaspora in Paris, I had also the immense pleasure to meet the excellent pianist and composer of jazz, Chris Culpo and I had digital mastered one of his CD.

In spite of several tries to make it play by orchestras, it's only in April 2000 that I was able to make it play and record in the Paris Studios du Palais des Congres by the magnificent European Philharmonic Orchestra steered by Hugues Reiner. It was just after his proposal to create it in Nuille-sur-Vicoin concert. These Russian musicians Voronej natives, and their leader felt marvelously the spirit of my work. They added an extraordinary part of live and sensibility. The tension had been so big (difficulty of execution due to the very dangerous and sublime tone of Db Major, my requirement, theirs, their story kicks out of implications for their present, mine) that we mutually applauded at the end of recording session. It was for all of us some big moments of emotion. Thank you.

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After this recording (full version below the text), Hugues Reiner puts me in touch with Vladimir Cosma who needs an assistant for his scores concert publishing. I begin the work but didn't end it. This activity which I practice with facility concerning my scores and material publishing, demands me an impossible energy to give to others ; I have no more the age to be second. Mr Cosma turns out to be generous. He calls me back, we explain ourself and he proposes me his help.

Pavane pour un songe begins since to be played. It comes from a slow evolution on a nine times repeated solo cello motive decorated with two variations. The sound progress based on a Gauss' curve, the orchestra architectonics was foreseen for that purpose. This music as its name indicates is an African dream. Dreamer is taken by the sweetness of rising and charming sensations. They end to overtake and frighten him to terror... Musical motives which mix themselves are so many influences and conflicts... Peace returns, it was only a nightmare !

  1.   Pavane pour un songe au coeur de l'Afrique   6'30 "  
  CHANNEL : YouTube.com/EsolemProduction