Seasons Vertigo (Vertige des saisons)
(quadruple concerto for piano and philharmonic orchestra) 1993 - 2007

As every artist and person, I am very seasonal sensitive man, in positive and negative ways. The subject may become a panacea, it isn't because famous works speak about it since the dawn of time that the hearth cycles disappeared. Convinced by the observation that Monsieur de La Palice (French author whose talent was to tell evidences like the previous one) would have denied, I felt able to realise this essential project for my composing activity. Ecology grows into a daily preoccupation before to become an universal language. In the Greek sense, the language of the nature existed over all before the humanity consciousness, to the practise of verbalising and labelling his environment. It's funny to look to the thickness of human era by comparison with absolved time of life... The growth of his living space made man irresponsible, predatory creator, contemplating only his navel, restarting by this bio port where he came from in a sort of vertiginous going and returning. Maybe it's now that big clock which escapes to our understanding and always pushes us, by fear and survival, to destroy ourselves ? Then, a peace of humility wouldn't hurt our Earth : mankind isn't above nature, he is a part of it, a very small predator but able to ruin whole biotope, he proves it. Here is an history which few people know obviously : 70.000 years ago, there remained no more than 15.000 humans on the Earth (we are all descendants of this small population, according to DNA researches), a kind which should be already close to redemption ? Briefly, it's the advent of the wisdom or the human era's premature end...

Also, since the beginning of my birth in musical writing, all subject are suggested by natural sensations. It is to me today that musical language cannot be without an analogical physical felt. The eclipse of the sensory memory in a XXth century part is certainly the Gordian knot of a certain music communication failure. An immense creation is going to born when it will definitively been cut.

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Long breath project which constituted the spinal column of my composing activity during five years of full-time writing, Seasons vertigo is an hour fresco will consist in twelve modules organised in 4 classical form concertos (quick, slow, quick). I have had impression to play a checks tournament and this so important to me music project gestation took a lot more time that foreseen. Many works periods scattered on fourteen years are finished...

  21 / 03 : The spring awakening 4'38"
  21 / 04 : The loves season 5'45"
  21 / 05 : The birds' carnival 4'07"
  21 / 06 : Mechanical trances 4'55"
  21 / 07 : Reverie on the beach 4'30"
  21 / 08 : Horseflies, mosquitoes and storms 3'32"
  21 / 09 : Cinecolours waltz 4'20"
  21 / 10 : Look at the ages of life 5'20"
  21 / 11 : Wild elements 5'20"
  21 / 12 : Garlands and feasts 5'16"
  21 / 01 : Near fire nostalgia 4'50"
  21 / 02 : Winter sports 7'10"
Total time : 60'00"