The Sacred Fire
 concerto for two pianos and orchestra, 2017-2019

The Sacred Fire * is a permanence of biblical writings since Moses and his burning bush. It's a metaphor for life, for reproduction through sexuality, for vital, symbolic energy which reappears regularly in human history when biological existence is confronted with its worst enemy: nihilism, negation of creation, desire for political control of births through genetic manipulation and unnatural ideologies, like Malthusianism. In the early days, humans were fighting against the Golden Calf when the current deleterious fashion is that of transhumanism ... One of the most grandiose manifestations of the Sacred Fire is that of the miracle of the Holy Sepulcher renewed with certainty every Holy Saturday since the 4th century AD. J.C. in the Orthodox liturgy. Although the ceremony is ultra secure and preceded by finicky verifications for hundreds of years in order to avoid a monumental scam, the event still takes place with formidable regularity. On the one hand, one denounce a montage, conjuring, cheating; on the other hand, others see some of the most serious scientists demonstrating the existence of indecipherable magnetic and molecular phenomena, supported by photos and spectrometric readings. The mystery remains, the supernatural magic nevertheless survives. The Sacred Fire doesn't consume, doesn't ignite, doesn't burn everything it touches for 33 minutes after the start of the first flame arising from the Christ's tombstone: faces, arms, hair, fabrics are caressed by it when no lesion is noted.

The fight against the consubstantial contemporary nihilism of the the twentieth century modern civilization leads to question materialism to urgently rehabilitate the vital power of the subconscious vilified and mocked by dogmas which claim to be replacers, decreeing tyrantically the obligatory and necessary advent of a "new man". We no longer count them: socialism, marxism, communism, materialism, scientism, technicism, everyone is looking to create their new millenarian religion, their new era ... Their new Reich? In contrast, the human failures in millions of victims of these new imperative technocratic norms show a void, that of the soul, of the depths of beings. However, it has persisted through genetics since the dawn of life, although its origin is unknown. It's becoming more and more significant that utilitarian society, as the sole goal in itself, destroys the deep soul of humanity. Even in the 21st century, "who will be spiritual or will not be" (Malraux's words), needs to revive old rites in order to re-find the essential, the essence of life which is destroyed in the consumerist mass of modern times, that of images, video games, unlimited connections to send SMS of a terrifyingly deadly flatness for the vital conscience of peoples. Admittedly, we laugh more than before, but this sardonic laugh is the expression of an infinite malaise.

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This war against the negation of life and its fundamental principles, which we have encountered too much in "contemporary music" (become a macabre, sluggish, cloned, stereoptyped, invariant style), is the main axis of my musical research, a perpetual fight, the backbone of my creative philosophy. I have always preferred life to death. The religious symbols of it make me flee with great strides ... Struggling with all our strength against the doldrums imposed by these perverse dogmas backed by theories based on no human reality, mathematical, spiritual, musical , artistic or scientific of past times, this necessary effort and invariable in time must reaffirm the superiority of life over all other considerations. Everything is irremediably linked. Everything is one, united in and through the universe, despite the variety of its grandiose and diverse manifestations, most of which are incomprehensible to our primitive brains. It should be constantly reminded that the Universe doesn't find its origin in theories, labeling, human catalogs and their demiurgic arrogance ... In the future, if the spirituality of beings endowed with intelligence wasn't based on the forces magic of cosmos, if it no longer believed in its notoriously incomplete science, if it didn't trust the phenomena that it still can't be explained in its immense ignorance yet, then humanity could disappear in the maelstrom of his navel fascination. Never neglect the soul and the spirit ( animus ), they are the first of the forces that animate life. They dominate it whatever you might think otherwise. In the Christian religion, this phenomenon is called the Holy Spirit - Spiritus Sanctus. These are words, of course, but also a tangible reality. How else to explain the vitality, the functioning of the brain outside of biochemistry? When humanity seeks to free itself from it, it inevitably travels to the evil forces. It's no longer "in the sense of life", it denies it.

The Sacred Fire is the one that unites us with the multifaceted forces of nature, which it will always reproduce, with ... or without us. Having passion, contemplative enthusiasm or for project continuation of this force from the bottom of the ages, reproduced in each generation by DNA whose elementary atoms are in infinite quantities in stellar clouds. Do not we say, of a person "who walks on water" in life, "that he has sacred fire"! This means that the soul that inhabits it, invincible, indomitable, invulnerable, allows it to overcome all the difficulties that present itself to it on its way. I talk about it knowingly.

* Origin: Expression coming from Antiquity, where the priestesses of the goddess Vesta had to maintain a fire continuously, under penalty of being buried alive. The passionate connotation can be attributed to Voltaire during the 18th century.
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    The Sacred Fire
    I. passafuga orientalis   9'15"
    II. lento lamento 12'15"
    III. allegro quasi presto   9'15"
Total Time : 30'45"