21eme Renaissance
 The Age of Aquarius or the end of the devil's cycles

 concertante symphony in 1 movement, 2015

A recurring debate stirred the art world as global society since the beginning of humanity : the struggle between old and modern. It's all the more significant in my mind that one day I'll be an old man. Each generation must naturally give way to younger, although difficult at all getting older by the laws of life... In the arts, in the so-called "serious" or "classic" music, an obtuse and ideologue generation especially reactionary into her determination to kill all opposition by the threat of unemployment, by the media or organized and administrative vilipendage with consequence a social exclusion, decided for nearly a half-century to ban this natural musical renewal, unless it is done under the aegis of her only resolutely sectarian theory/ideology ; that would necessarily be by self-definition progressist and giving birth to a music "contemporary" forever ; see my post about it in my blog Paroles, objets et art contemporain. Ruthless dictatorship thus arises, preventing new to appear other than buffered by its sprawling bureaucracy "subventionniste", ostracizing here, insulator there by segregationist policies every deviant author thought not accredited by the powers that be in using an unwritten but extremely effective breviary of the doctrinaire, unique but common to all totalitarian societies. The devil was nested in the details... The fight against all absolutism against any obscurantism is always a struggle for life, but this last one always finishes to triumph.

Begun in the fall of 2014, 21eme Renaissance is a musical metaphor for our time in this ongoing battle between the Titans - nihilism and death against life - to get out of this infamous fascism so active in France since 1945, to mark the end of his dedicated tribunal and intellectual terrorism that it vehicle (cf. Jean Sevillia's Le terrorisme intellectuel : De 1945 a nos jours & Roger Scruton's L'erreur et l'orgueil: penseurs de la gauche moderne). Our era is privileged to witness the culmination of the catastrophic consequences of the deleterious ideology at all levels of society.

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   Copyright 2012 Photo elise GOURDIN-SERVENIERE

The postmodern background of the neoclassical atmosphere is enriched by the technical contributions from the middle of the previous century. Series, rhythms, atonality, radicalism, repetitive music, apology for previous periods and inspiring masters mix and bring a very innovative color in a revolutionary score for our time. The nomenclature is quite impressive : woods by three, brass and strings in number, 60 singers, piano, cymbalum, two harps, complete percussion. The 31'31" Sinfonia Concertante in one movement (Op.31) ends logically by the devil's death to measure 666, numerology oblige ! The supposed "number of the Beast or Satan" has incredible mathematical properties... The score was willingly completed on March 26th, 2015, precisely. Some may see here as a symbol, like the end of an era.

21eme Renaissance
The Age of Aquarius or the end of the devil's cycles
item     chapter mes. time
1. Creation of the world 1 00:00
2. Battle of good and evil 59 02:10
3. Elves and Angels 83 02:58
4. Lucifer corrupter 113 03:58
5. The devil's dance 121 04:22
6. The birth of life 142 05:03
7. Nihilism and its attendant misery of birds 190 07:56
8. The continuing struggle of good and evil 217 09:31
9. The Sleep life 297 12:11
10. Love destroys nihilism (choral) 334 14:02
11. Child's happy dance 398 19:38
12. Youth's drunkenness 443 21:54
13. FINAL 481 23:45
14. The primitive life force, monstrous and rebellious 512 24:49
15. Life, unique organ of the Universe 555 27:04
16. The devil's death 666 31:31
Total Time 31'31"