Apologie des Fragrances
first symphony
(philharmonic orchestra) 1993-1999

This piece was written in two phases. Originally, it is the perfumer Cacharel's film Loulou on update versions which I work in Villa d'Alesia communication agency which leads me in the desire to compose a musical piece dedicated to the Apologie des Fragrances, who would have Malher's musical influences. During this period, the reading of the Patrick Süskind‘s novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer marks me profoundly and supplies me the argument of the work. The first ideas are thrown on the paper at the beginning of 1990's. Because of a too big dispersal in the outside orders, I set of the delay and the work has only been finished orchestrating in August, 1999. To date, it was not still created by an orchestra in spite of some short-lived propositions. It is ideal for the second part of concert. After a thematic exposure representative of the post-romantic style in the first movement, the musical spectre becomes emancipated in the second movement before reaching the highlight in the final allegro presto, with a brilliancy and an exceptional volume, prepared by a deep and luxurious largo.

This work is dedicated to my parents and to all my ancesters which made some music their second tongue (sometimes the first one because I really began indeed to express myslef towards the age of 25 years old). Favour of them, I came into the world with predispositions. Favour of their artistic requirement, sometimes painful to support, I always tied myself to give the best in the daily practice of my art.

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Apologie des Fragrances will soon be more alone because a recent event with biblical recollections has propel me in the writing of the first sketches of a second symphony. Answer around 2011, to write a symphony is so long! In fact the answer arrived here in 2015...

 1. Romance (andante) 4 '31"
 2. Substance (allegro moderato) 5 '40"
 3. Nuances (largo) 8 '16"
 4. Alliance (allegro quasi presto) 6 '40"
    Total Time : 25'30"