Un ange passe
Sebastien Kriloff' short film 1998

Benoit Schlosberg , director of the Epinay-sur-Seine Music and Danse Academy and Pascale Risterucci, manager of the University Paris VIII Cinema Department create a motion picture soundcraft production studio, which objective is to organize a meeting between studies ending young film-makers and professional composers. Benoit thought to me to animate musically one of the three projects. Synergies arise naturally and I begin to work with Sebastien Kriloff on his short film. It is a very nice young person who masters all technical aspects of the film. His image and editing are close to perfection.

Compositions scored, we went to record with the Academy orchestra in Le Studio-Disneyland Paris. I find a old comrade, Mickael Obst, the sound engineer in charge of that studio. He makes us a magnificent work. The sound of the piano is close to ECM best recordings. I say it to him. The Academy young musicians, a bit anxious about this first recording session become soon quite relax and everything takes place finally very well. I work for the first time with Jozef Baan, my slovak friend, one of the three composers associate to the project. He makes me the honor to play splendidly some piano parts. At the end of session, I improvise a dawn serenade on the piano, Un ange passe, Sebastien Kriloff's film purpose.

For me, the professional confrontation with young students is very enriching. They have not yet professional habits and it is all the interest. If they make errors, it's because appears enthusiasm, pride and flame. Sebastien's requirement forces me to give the best of myself. Thanks to him, musics among the most beautiful of my film music repertoire are born.

   1. Mystere    52"
   2. Triste valse  1'31"
   3. Rafestins  1'04"
   4. Ta famille  1'14"
   5. Gaite verte    57"
   6. Scenes de chasse    57 "
   7. Tendres cousines  1'20"
   8. Kyrie  2'50"
 9. Un ange passe  2'30"