Inland seas (Mers interieures)
(concerto for violin, symphonic orchestra & organ) 2007

Fascination of areas out of the borders of our understanding brings us, to be able to arrest the world in which we evolve, to compare things by analogy. One of the most important stages in this research was the creation of the comparison between infinitesimal and immensely big. Thanks to it, I understood that my body was a world in the same capacity as "universe". The idea of bringing closer to this mortal coil of an inland sea comes to me spontaneously or came with help of my numerous sea adventures readings, the foundation of my bookshelf and my inspiration. Evolving in the course of life towards "le soi", before having freed out of ego and representation, after huge difficulties to be in the society which encircles us being smoothed, after having crossed this detroits, these traps, these accesses to our body and to our deep being which avoid us permanently, sliding as eels or forcing us back by these common opposites which are as refusals because our preparation or our level of upper conscience is deficient, our internal life becomes then source of peace, joy and beatitude. We soon hear the sea birds singing.

Composed in the wake of Seasons Vertigo, Inland Seas is a classical form and tonal essence concerto where colours are under hard influence of XXth century music and previous works with this nomenclature, like the Stravinsky's Concerto in D for Violin and orchestra, a work which always inspired me. Concerning the use of the organ as orchestral complement instrument , my choice was restricted at the sound "Corno di notte" used in the Faure's Requiem. It is a long time since I wanted to link it in a work because it is a magical sound, unreal. It is very aquatic, very oceanly looking like the big deeps. Like them, it seemed to me then perfect to recall the unconscious, this internal sea which is so difficult to us to explore. Today, in spite of progress of science, we are unfortunately always distant from the private understanding of these parallel worlds. Encyclopaedias itemize the physiology of bodies as the surface of the moon, they always ignore the cerebrum so much, even the owners are losed inside, as they misread the bottom of seas.

I :   Detroits (capriccio)   3'45"
II :   Smooth calms (andante)   6'23"
III :   White sails (toccata)   3'35"
IV :   Sea birds (aria)   6'42"
  Total time : 20'25"

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